High Speed Calculation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought seven shows, plus new stimuli, plus a new wave of changes in the operation of the IC belt. Advanced nanotechnology advancement, fully grasp the latest nanotechnology, guide the operation of advanced processes (HPC) and cloud computing AI, and achieve the fastest operation of customer solutions.

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Low Cost

Integrate the upstream, midstream, and downstream supply chains of the industry to create an overall supply system. From virtual currency mining equipment, mining pool software, investment and trading platforms, companies have long-term attention and research and development, and they have a high degree of mastery of customer needs and avoid strategic errors. The investment error caused. We have also innovatively introduced green energy design, in addition to avoiding energy loss, and building competitiveness thresholds to reduce manufacturing costs.

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Green Design

Bitcoin is notorious for wasting too much electricity. It adds 40 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year—but now, more and more miners are looking forward to green mining solutions. We start from the process, design and use recyclable materials in the manufacturing process, introduce waste energy recovery systems, use renewable energy power systems, and recycle and reuse mining machines that are facing obsolescence.

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AI Smart

Import the AI chip, read the real-time computing power of the virtual currency using the same algorithm on the Internet, to calculate the expected profit, and through intelligent learning, analysis and judgment, to switch the mining target in a timely and regular manner to maximize the profit. After the mining machine is eliminated, it can be recycled and converted to other Altcoin mining or used for the preservation of other electronic files through the reconfiguration of the chip. Extend the application range of Asics and prolong the service life of the mining machine.

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Reduce e-waste

According to the research published by the Bank of the Netherlands and economists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Bitcoin's growing e-waste problem", BTC generates 30.7 metric tons of e-waste every year, and each transaction is equivalent to wasting two iPhone 12 minis. And as the price of the currency will increase more severely, it may even disrupt the global semiconductor supply chain.Our green innovation program can effectively reduce e-waste.

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Provide the latest virtual currency mining machine solutions, so that the world can use clean energy to embrace green mining machines

A raft of projects abroad are already primed for success in the green mining space and can act as models for us. In 2019, Bitfury set up mining centers in Paraguay, home to South America's biggest hydro-electric project – the Itaipu Dam – the world's largest generator of renewable clean energy. The government in Asunción has backed the Commons Foundation's Golden Goose project, in its attempt to establish the region as the world's largest crypto mining center.

Cost-effective mining centers based on renewable energy have also been established in Russia’s frozen lands of Siberia. The city of Norilsk is home to the mineral mining behemoth Norilsk Nickel but increasingly bitcoin mining is becoming an important economic driver. With temperatures in winter bottoming out at minus 40 degrees Celsius (which is roughly minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit), this is a perfect climate by which to keep computing machines cool. It’s a lot cooler than Paraguay for sure.

A more secure and geographically proximate project is rolling out near the Churchill Falls hydro-electric plant in Labrador, a remote part of Eastern Canada. Pow.re, a Montreal-based company with investors from Asia, is taking advantage of the stranded energy that NL Hydro generates. This hydro-electric facility is long past emitting mercury traces, so the project meets many environmental protection and sustainable development goals. The temperature rarely exceeds 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, ensuring that the machines stay cool. The only source of waste is heat – which is a luxury in the sub-Arctic region where they are mining.

The members of the blockchain core team have solid financial, IT technology and blockchain backgrounds. They all come from sales and investment institutions, digital assets fields, and have a lot of years of experience in platform operation and system development.

Global Distribution

We state that NuMiner North America is our exclusive North American distributor with website of www.numiner.com

Innovative R&D with the goal of green energy and carbon reduction

Our solution uses reconfigurable AI chips to dynamically adjust the calculation target to maximize profit.

We focus on innovation to balance performance, power consumption and cost, allowing customers to quickly pay back and reduce e-waste.

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SHA256 BITCOIN Miners X10 Miner
Xgenaration of Mining
120 TH/s ±5%
3250 W ±5%
27.8 J/TH ±5%

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AI Chip

1. In the initial stage, Flash memory was used for CIM architecture design, with 20 TOPs/W as the first challenge target
2. The establishment of three sub-working groups:
(1)memory computing components and circuit architecture
(2)system architecture and software tools
(3)ultra-low power consumption applications, market development and the promotion team

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AI FinTech

1. Robo Advisor
2. Risk Control
3. Identification
4. Smart Customer Services
5. RegTech
6. Precision Marketing

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Data Center

A data center is a physical facility used by an organization to store critical applications and data. The design of the data center is based on a network of computing and storage resources, enabling the delivery of shared applications and data.

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Mining Pool

Due to the continuous increase in the computing power of the entire BTC network, it is difficult for independent miners to obtain rewards through their own equipment, prompting individual miners to participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool. Regardless of whether valid data blocks are successfully mined, rewards can be obtained through contributions to the mining pool, that is, multi-person cooperative mining, and the bitcoin rewards obtained are also shared according to the degree of contribution.

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Files exchange and preservation

The technology used by the blockchain, including public and private key technology, decentralized account book open preservation technology, and exchange technology etc, makes documents confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation, and reliability.

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Recyclable materials

Sustainability in the electronics world includes finding new raw materials for fabrication that aren’t toxic to the environment and being recyclable for continual reuse. Another side of sustainability applies to the assembly processes used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Circuit board assembly requires the use of solder, a material that melts to form a solid metal joint between the pins of electronic components and the metal landing pads on the board. Solder, however, has traditionally contained high levels of lead and other hazardous materials making it unsafe for humans and the environment.Printed circuit boards can now be manufactured using green technology lead-free solder to protect against these hazardous materials.

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Miner Reuse

Before BTC miners become e-waste, these options can be considered
(1)Transfer to other Altcoins,(please refer to)
(2)Convert ASICS heat energy, (please refer to)
(3)Recycling of electronic parts,(please refer to)
(4)Other electronic document identity verification and encryption preservation operations.(please refer to)

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Sha256 Quantum Computing Cloud

Integrate 3~4 partners, establish a quantum cloud service platform, provide an 80-qubit system driven by multi-chip technology, and initially use SHA256 AI for financial and signature services

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Bitcoin ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) are kiosks that allows a person to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by using cash or debit card. Some Bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality enabling both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the sale of Bitcoin for cash. In some cases, Bitcoin ATM providers require users to have an existing account to transact on the machine.

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NuStick is a micro-miner that can mine your proprietary enterprise coins in addition to mainstream coin.


Initially, Bitcoin mining was viewed as a hobby conducted on home PCs.

Today, cryptomining is extremely lucrative and has evolved to the mainstream dominated by multibillion-dollar corporations with powerful hosting facilities.

NuWorld’s turnkey, direct-to-consumer Bitcoin mining ecosystem enables consumer participation in today’s Bitcoin mining market by providing access to the latest hardware and our powerful, carbon-neutral hosting facilities.

If you are interested in our products, please click here for more information.

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Ecological related technology

We are with you every step of the way to getting the best out of established and brand-new systems technologies.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Our pioneering mobile wallet is the cutting-edge financial solution that empowers anyone and everyone to securely store and trade their cryptocurrencies wherever they are with the greatest of ease. This is the future of money!

Project Consultation

In the bewildering world of blockchain, a helping hand can go a long way. We can advise and help you engineer your decentralized project to be everything you ever wanted it to be.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the new way of doing business, sealing contracts, and getting paid. We have the know-how, you have the business applications, together, we can make smart contracting a reality.

Anticipatory Systems

Integrating AI with business gives that business the edge in a cut-throat world. Using advanced artificial neural networks, we can optimise systems and anticipate threats and competition, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the new way of doing business, sealing contracts, and getting paid. We have the know-how, you have the business applications, together, we can make smart contracting a reality.

Electronic Trading

Our pioneering mobile wallet is the cutting-edge financial solution that empowers anyone and everyone to securely store and trade their cryptocurrencies wherever they are with the greatest of ease. This is the future of money!